We specialize in removing those stubborn Calcium deposits.  We clean pebble tec, glass tile, natural stone, concrete, brick, rock/boulders, stone, and more. Scared of harsh chemicals in your pool water? Don’t worry, we have many methods of pool tile cleaning that are suitable for almost any situation.  We want to protect your investment and treat your pool tile as if it were our own.
Glass Bead Blasting
Glass bead blasting uses an ultra fine stream of perfect round beads of glass. These beads of glass are around the size of the tip of a needle. They can clean oil, grit and calcium of the tiles and grout of the tiles. This type of blasting is used mostly on Pebble Tec swimming pools. The glass beads can easily be cleaned up after the blasting is complete, both in the pool and on the deck. It also doesn’t affect the chemical balances in the water like muriatic acid does.
Soda Blasting
Soda blasting is like bead blasting but uses baking soda to blast the calcium off the pool tile. Soda blasting is mostly used on stone or ceramic pool tiles. However, soda blasting causes the pH and alkaline levels of your pool water to rise.
Salt Blasting
Salt blasting is also like the other 2 only it uses Kieserite to blast the calcium off the pool tiles at a low pressure. This is the most common method of pool tile cleaning and can be used on sand, tile, and ceramic pool tile. It’s biodegadable and will has a neutral pH level. Its one of the safest and newest methods to clean pool tiles and creates a shine as if they were brand new.
Step 1.  Before we begin the cleaning process, we lower the water level in your pool 8” to 10” just below the calcium line.  There is no need to drain your entire pool and waste water.   We just need to lower it enough so we have an acceptable work area.

Step 2.  After the water is lowered, we hop in the pool with our customized equipment.  The calcium removal media is shot against your pool tile or pebble tec at low pressure which carefully removes the calcium without damaging your tile.

Step 3.  After all of the calcium is removed, we then rinse down the surface we cleaned.  We double check to make sure the surface has been thoroughly cleaned.  We then vacuum out the media and calcium from the bottom of the pool.  This leaves no mess for you to clean up.  The entire process takes anywhere from an hour to 3 hours for a normal sized pool.  Any remaining media or suspended calcium or salt will dissolve and run through your filter.