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Reduce your swimming pool's chlorine level quickly with Jack's Magic® After Shock™. Chlorine levels normally take time to go back to normal after finishing the process of shocking your pool. But with After Shock™, this time is greatly reduced to just a few hours. Stop waiting and get back to swimming faster!

After Shock™ is also designed to work in conjunction with Stain Solution #1 for removal of iron, cobalt, and spot-etching stains from pool surfaces without having to drain your pool. If your stains are the result of high copper levels you would use the After Shock™ with Stain Solution#2. After Shock™ will reduce your swimming pool's chlorine level to below 1 ppm.

Directions for Use:

Add 2 oz. (1/4 container) per 15,000 gallons to lower chlorine one ppm or bromine two ppm.
Run your pool filter continuously for a few hours while testing your water.
For swimming purposes, you want the level to read below 5 ppm before getting back into the water.
For stain removal, you may need a higher dose and read a level of 1 ppm for optimal performance.

2 oz. removes 1 ppm chlorine from 15,000 gallons of pool water
NOTE: Overdosing will make establishing a chlorine residual difficult following treatment. It is best to use smaller amounts with repeated additions.

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