Bio-Dex Tile Cleaner 300

BIODEX LABORATORIES Bio-Dex Tile Cleaner 300

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Bio-Dex #300 Tile Cleaner New Fast Clean! Removes calcium deposits, dissolves oil, grease and most soils in minutes! Use Directly on Heavy Calcium DepositsRemoves Calcium - Fast!Bio-Dex QUICK N THICK is best for maintenance cleaning and Bio-Dex PROTECT-ALL SUPREME is best for preventing calcium build-up in the first place.Note: #300 Tile Cleaner is not formulated for use on new or clean tile.IMPORTANT INFORMATION:Because this product is the strongest CALICUM remover available it must be used with care. Wear glovesDo not drip on decking or plasterAlways rinse after application. Lower water line below calcium line do not lower water to allow #300 to drip onto the plaster.DO NOT USE ON MARBLE, GRANITE OR ANY TILE THAT IS NEW OR CLEAN. APPLY TO CALCIUM DEPOSITS NOT TO CLEAN TILE AREAS.Use QUICK N THICK tile cleaner for ongoing cleaning. Do not use #300 Tile as a maintenance cleaner or it is possible that the glaze will become dull. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. BIO-DEX IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES-BODILY OR PROPERTYRead the instructions carefully and always do a test first. - For Questions please call Bio-Dex (800) 617-3477 BIO-DEX PRODUCTS ARE GUARANTEED TO WORKWHEN USED AS DIRECTED.

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