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Easy Acid makes pool water balancing easy by only lowering Alkalinity

Easy Acid® is a granular acid designed to make pool balancing easy! This acid will lower alkalinity without significantly lowering pH.

Most balancers affect both pH and alkalinity. This creates a problem when you have one parameter of your pool’s balance just right, but need to adjust another. This usually involves “see-sawing” back and forth trying to get both pH and Alkalinity balanced – wasting time and chemical.

Easy Acid® saves you time and money by dropping your pool’s Alkalinity while leaving your pH where it should be. And since Easy Acid® is granular, it’s also much easier to store and handle than regular liquid acid.

Quick Specs

Use: Water balancer; lower Alkalinity

Compatible with: All types of swimming pools

Chemical Type: Granular

Available Packaging: 1 lb. bags, 45 lbs. bucket

Dosage Rate: See label directions for details

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Easy Acid® work?

A: Easy Acid® is formulated to attack Alkalinity (specifically carbonates) without adding significantly to the overall acidity of the pool water. This means that it will only have a moderate affect on the pH while dropping the Alkalinity significantly.

Q: How much Easy Acid® is equivalent to liquid Muriatic Acid for dropping the Alkalinity?

A: 2.5 lbs. of Easy Acid® will drop alkalinity equivalent to one gallon of Muriatic Acid.

Q: What if I need to drop both pH and Alkalinity?

A: Easy Acid® is designed to drop specifically the Alkalinity. If you need to drop both pH and Alkalinity, we recommend you use No Mor Muriatic Acid™.

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