MCGRAYEL COMPANY INC EasyCare 60064 Protec®Scale and Stain Preventative and Remover

$33.94 $83.90

PROTEC® Features

  • Prevents and removes scale buildup.
  • Controls water metals and prevents surface stains.
  • Protects fountain water pumps.
  • Eliminates distilled water usage.
  • Small monthly dosage.
  • Non-acidic.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Treated water safe for birds, plants, and animals including aquatic life.
  • protec safety data sheet



Product Summary

Protecs' powerful Synertec cleaners remove and prevent both white 800 calcium scale-deposits and stains (due to iron and copper) on surfaces of decorative; fountains, birdbaths, tabletop fountains, and water gardens.

Special Instructions

Should calcium persist, raise water levels to allow protec to "soak" deposit. Double the recommended dosage for stubborn calcium.

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