Knock Out



Knock Out Water Treatement solves a wide variety of water discoloration problems and creates crystal clear water. It will also remove brown salt stains from pool surfaces. ust be used with proper chlorine or non-chlorine oxidizer to activate. Knock out is user friendly and is safe for all pool surfaces. It is a non-foaming, odorless and broad spectrum water treatment. Can be used with alternative devices like ionizers, mineral feeders and chlorine salt generators.

Knock Out Features

99% Active Sodium Bromide water treatment It is registered for sale in California. It creates crystal clear water when used with an EPA approved oxidizer or sanitizer

Knock Out Instructions

Knock Out must be activated using EPA registered approved sanitizer such as chlorine or non-chlorine or bromine sanitizers. One pound bottle treats approx. 40,000 gallons water. The cap is used as a measuring tool. The inner circle of the cap treats 8,000 gallons. Broadcast over the problem areas of the pool. Add the recommended sanitizer.

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