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Lo-Chlor® Chlor-Nix®

Reduce chlorine levels quickly with Chlor-Nix®. High chlorine levels can cause all sorts of problems for swimmers and pool products, making it important to keep a healthy balance in your pool. This product acts fast to allow swimmers to re-enter the water quickly after shocking the pool. Chlor-Nix® also allows stain removers to work at their maximum potential, reducing delays. This product is safe for salt systems and only needs a small amount to begin reducing chlorine, making it perfect for any pool.

Lo-Chlor® Chlor-Nix® Features:

  • Fast-acting chlorine reducer
  • Concentrated formula
  • Easily and quickly reduces chlorine shock
  • Helps maximize efficiency of stain removers
  • Safe for salt systems
  • 1 Pound

Directions for Use:

  • Add 2 oz (2 capfuls) of product per 15,000 gallons throughout pool water. Reduces chlorine by 1 ppm or bromine by 2 ppm.

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