Mystic White® Pool Filter Sand

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Mystic White® II is the premium pool filter sand. This special grade of sand is angular in shape and white in color, meeting the most exacting specifications of major manufacturers of sand filters. High quality and uniform grain size is achieved by carefully screening and grading the sand.
Unlike sand with ordinary rounded grains, the angular shape of Mystic White II contributes to many
valuable features:
● Maximum entrapment of solids
● Filters out dirt, dust, leaves, insects, small stones, moss, oil, cosmetics, gum and other
● Minimizes packing, balling and channeling in the filter bed
● Assures uniform flow rate and sharp filtration
● Backwash's readily and is easy to use
● Safe to use; won’t clog, calcify, stain, corrode and is odorless
● Ecologically safe; chemically inert and easily disposable around shrubs, plants, etc.

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