Pool Deck Auto Fill

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THE POOL SENTRY maintains the water level of a pool, spa, or pond–automatically and without needing to be attended.

Assembling the Pool Sentry is easy…

  1. Remove your Pool Sentry from the box and thread the fill tube into the float valve.
  2. Snap the fill tube and float valve into the base and fill the base with small rocks or pea gravel.
  3. Next, snap the top cover onto the base and attach to a high-pressure garden hose (not included).
  4. Finally, adjust the float to the desired position.

The supply water stays on at all times when the Pool Sentry is in the pool. As the float drops, the water turns on. When the float reaches its set height, the water shuts off. The float adjusts to the desired level, usually a point halfway on the tile line or skimmer.

Because the hose is under constant water pressure, it is essential that the customer uses a heavy-duty, reinforced hose. A flyer in each box offers customers an aftermarket hose. It is rated to 200 psi working pressure and 750 psi burst strength.

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