Bio-Dex Laboratories Skill It algaecide

BIODEX LABORATORIES Bio-Dex Laboratories Skill It algaecide

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Skill-it Algaecide is EPA registered and works with most common swimming pool chlorine and non-chlorine sanitizers to effectively remove and eliminate algae. It eliminates the majority of resistant colors and types of algae without causing staining. Its a user-friendly product that doesn't require adjustment to the water pH before applying.

Skill-it Algaecide is an effective tool for fighting resistant, persistent algae over the long term. The product can be reapplied if the initial application doesn't completely eliminate the algae problem. Skill-it Algaecide can be added by itself directly to the pool water or water circulation equipment to eliminate algae.

Skill-It Features:

  • 50% concentration that kills and prevents algae
  • Non-metallic formula that won't cause staining
  • Removes all types of algae including persistent forms of algae
  • Can be applied directly to the water
  • Quart bottle (32 Ounces)
Dosage Amounts:
  • Initial Application or with algae present - Add 13 Ounces per 25,000 gallons of water or ratio thereof
  • Maintenance Application - Add 3.3 Ounces per 25,000 gallons of water every 3 to 5 days or as needed such as after heavy or prolonged rainfall or when there is a heavy bathing load.

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