Skimmer Vortex - B09CVBXHY2


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Skimmer Vortex gives you a cleaner pool, in less time. It was specifically designed for 8-inch skimmers. Please measure your skimmer basket width to ensure that the Skimmer Vortex will operate efficiently and effectively in your skimmer. The Skimmer Vortex utilizes the same principles as jet engines to create a vortex of water pulling debris into your skimmer basket. For an optimal setup, it is important to maintain 2-3 inches of water above your skimmer basket. It is critical that your pool valves are positioned to direct ALL of your water into the skimmer box. Close your main drain and if you have 2 skimmers, plug or isolate the other one. Included with your disc are detailed instructions and a ruler to measure water levels. You WILL see a vortex if you follow the instructions. If you are experiencing issues, please contact us by the phone number or email address on the insert included in your package.

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