TAYLOR TECHNOLOGIES INC Taylor-K-1766-Liquid-Swimming-Pool-Spa-Sodium-Chloride-Salt-Water-Drop-Test-Kit

$38.99 $44.49

Accurately monitor your pool's salt level with the K-1766 test kit from Taylor Technologies. This argentometric test kit helps you keep your salt levels at a desirable level all summer long. This liquid swimming pool test kit will give you accurate results in seconds and extend the life of your pool and equipment by providing easy, fast maintenance.

  • Includes tests for Sodium Chloride
  • Heavy Duty Case
  • Includes .75oz reagents
  • New Taylor K-1766 Drop Test of Sodium Chloride
  • Uses the Argentometric chemistry method of testing
  • Tests the sodium chloride left in your pool by chlorine generators
  • 1 drop = 200 ppm
  • Heavy Duty Waterproof Case
  • Inside the Box:
    • Complete Testing instructions
    • 25 mL graduated sample tube
    • Chromate Indicator (.75 Oz / R-0630)
    • Silver Nitrate Reagent (.75 Oz / R-0718)
  • Part Number: K-1766
  • Product Condition: Brand New

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