Find the perfect match with Maytronics!

You want to provide the industry best to your customers, and you’ve counted on Maytronics to help you do that for almost 4 decades.

With the release of our Liberty line, we’ve gone CORDLESS and have revolutionized pool cleaning again. No matter which type of Dolphin your customers purchase, corded or cordless, they’re getting the absolute best.

Our new cordless models have ground-breaking features like inductive magnetic-connect charging (no plugs!), shorter cleaning cycles within a single charge with Eco Mode, and of course the cordless feature, which leaves the pool deck clean and organized all season long.

Our corded models continue to boast the innovative tangle-free cable, full power regardless of cleaning cycle duration, Easy Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth connectivity for robot customization, and remote navigation.

Whatever their needs or preference, your customers can count on you and on your Maytronics Dolphin robots for an exceptional experience every time.

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