The easiest test you'll ever take!

Bring a sample of water from your pool to our warehouse and will do all the testing and calculations for you.  Also before you fill that new pool or newly finished pool bring us a sample of the fill water so we can insure that your pool is off to its best start up.

 17001 Alico Commerce Court #407 Fort Myers FL 33967

We offer in store testing, onsite testing (Lee County FL Only) and remote testing with applicable systems. 

Set Up Account-Test Your Water- Send Us Report-Chemicals Delivered or Available for Pickup!

Local Delivery

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Chlorine 2.5 Gal. Refill-The Pool Supply Warehouse
BRENNTAG MIDSOUTH INC Chlorine 2.5 Gallon Refill
Precio de venta$5.19 Precio habitual$5.65
Disponibles, 5 unidades
Ahorrar $12.03
Chlorine 2.5 Gal. Empty Jug Only-The Pool Supply Warehouse
CKS PACKAGING INC Chlorine 2.5 Gallon Empty Jug Only With Cap - 9210505003000
Precio de venta$12.29 Precio habitual$24.32
Ahorrar $11.80
Big Splash Pool Salt - 40lb. Bag-The Pool Supply Warehouse
BUCKMANS INC Big Splash Pool Salt - 40 LB Bag
Precio de venta$10.80 Precio habitual$22.60
Ahorrar $10.00
TropiClear® Salt 40LB-The Pool Supply Warehouse
Precio de venta$9.95 Precio habitual$19.95
Ahorrar $23.59
Chlorine Caddy Trunk Box Holds 2 Jerry Jugs-The Pool Supply WarehouseChlorine Caddy Trunk Box Holds 2 Jerry Jugs-The Pool Supply Warehouse
SENTRY INDUSTRIES Chlorine Caddy Trunk Box Holds 2 Jerry Jugs - 21000
Precio de venta$68.99 Precio habitual$92.58


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