The team at Poolside Tech is pleased to announce the release of built-in Dual Body of Water Chemistry for The Attendant. You can now install two chemistry-sensing boards into a single Poolside Attendant and connect two independent sets of pH and ORP probes. This additional water quality monitoring capability provides the advantage of controlling independent chemical dosing equipment or salt water chlorine generators on a single system.
This dual chemistry solution is the perfect fit for Homeowners, Pool Professionals, and Commercial Operators wishing to monitor and maintain water quality across multiple independent bodies of water. Gone are the days of needing to buy a separate control system for each body of water.
The Benefits:
Enjoy having a single app to remotely monitor and control all aspects of your pool.
Experience significant cost savings by not having to purchase and install multiple separate chemistry controllers.
Expansion board available for existing installations looking to make this dual body of water chemistry feature available.
The Attendant
How does this Dual Body of Water
Chemistry Work?
Users already familiar with water chemistry from The Attendant + Chemistry will find adding additional devices very easy. The configuration remains the same, with the only difference being selecting which chemistry board the probe is plugged into.
One very powerful system!
When purchased with Dual Body of Water Chemistry, The Attendant now replaces three hardware components from legacy technology manufactures. When compared to the competition, you no longer need to purchase an Automation System and TWO Chemical Controllers, you only need to purchase one Attendant + Dual Chemistry. Not only does this free you of the additional hardware costs, you are only asking your electrician to mount and wire one system instead of three.
Enhance the experience with The Attendant.
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