Q. Is there a restocking fee?
A. There are no restocking fees on new items returned during the first thirty days of purchase. A 20% restocking fee will be charged on items returned within the thirty day time period that are not in brand new, unopened/unused condition at our discretion. Note: Installed pool liners, opened paint and chemicals, dive boards, drilled solar reel systems, and ALL custom orders are not returnable, thus are excluded from this offer.

Q.Can I achieve the same water quality with liquid that I get with tablets?
A.There is no difference in water quality obtained from gas, liquid or dry product. It is the same elemental chlorine, only administered differently. Pristine water quality is achieved by proper pool chemistry and correct filter operation.


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Chlorine 2.5 Gal. Refill-The Pool Supply Warehouse
BRENNTAG MIDSOUTH INC Chlorine 2.5 Gallon Refill
Precio de venta$5.19 Precio habitual$5.65
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Chlorine 2.5 Gallon Empty Jug Only With Cap - 9210505003000Chlorine 2.5 Gal. Empty Jug Only-The Pool Supply Warehouse
CKS PACKAGING INC Chlorine 2.5 Gallon Empty Jug Only With Cap - 9210505003000
Precio de venta$12.29 Precio habitual$24.32
Pronto en stock
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Big Splash Pool Salt - 40lb. Bag-The Pool Supply Warehouse
BUCKMANS INC Big Splash Pool Salt - 40 LB Bag
Precio de venta$10.80 Precio habitual$22.60
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TropiClear® Salt 40LB-The Pool Supply Warehouse
Precio de venta$9.95 Precio habitual$19.95
Ahorrar $23.59
Chlorine Caddy Trunk Box Holds 2 Jerry Jugs-The Pool Supply WarehouseChlorine Caddy Trunk Box Holds 2 Jerry Jugs-The Pool Supply Warehouse
SENTRY INDUSTRIES Chlorine Caddy Trunk Box Holds 2 Jerry Jugs - 21000
Precio de venta$68.99 Precio habitual$92.58


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