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The Easy Care™ PoolTec® is a 3 in 1 liquid formula that is an algaecide, clarifier, and chlorine booster all in one. While it clears up your pool water, and makes chlorine six times more effective, it also actively kills and prevents green, yellow, and black algae's. Using this product is an important and easy year round pool maintenance treatment.

  • Algaecide, clarifier, and chlorine booster
  • Use all year long
  • Improves water quality, clarity, and swimmer comfort
  • Continuous prevention of green, yellow and black algae. Kills most algae in 4 to 24 hr
  • Non hazardous, enviro-safe formulation
  • Reduces chlorine use, shocking, and other chemical usage
  • Small weekly dosage makes it very easy to maintain pool water consistently clean
  • Strong synergy with chlorine results in improved chlorine effectiveness and residuals
  • Ultra-clarifies pool water and kills all types of algae
  • Multi-task treatment eliminates other cleanup products such as algaecides and clarifiers
  • Low weekly cost pays for itself by reducing other chemical expenses
  • One bottle will last the average 20000 gal pool two months
  • Pool maintenance so easy, you can finally relax
  • Works well with salt pool generator units
  • Strong clarifiers create ultra-clear water
  • No wait. Swim immediately after treatment
  • Eliminates many other treatments such as clarifiers and excessive shocking
  • Excellent winter layup during non-swim season without chlorine
  • Extremely easy to use. Just pour in
  • For heavily used or commercial pools, use maximum weekly dosage is recommended
  • Boosts chlorine's effectiveness up to 6X (600%)
  • Improves salt cell's chlorine output and performance
  • Powerful treatment for heavy use and salt cell pools
  • Eliminates chlorine odors and skin-eye irritation
  • Very effective even at phosphate levels above 5000 ppb
  • Superior results when compared to sodium bromide, copper, silver, enzyme and phosphate remover treatments
  • The most effective pool care ever

Weekly Summer Maintenance:

  1. To start, add PoolTec® "clean" dosage to balance pool water. This product must be used with a registered sanitizer.
  2. Thereafter, add "weekly maintenance" dosage - use higher dosage for algae prone or heavily used pools.

Algae Cleanup:

  1. To start, pools containing heavy algae growth should be cleaned of excess debris.
  2. Super-chlorinating pool water and adjusting water pH will help improve cleanup.
  3. To kill green or yellow (mustard) algae, add PoolTec® "visible algae" dosage. Use higher dosage for heavier algae growths.
  4. It is important to brush algae clinging to surfaces.
  5. To kill black algae, add the maximum PoolTec® "visible algae" dosage. Use a combo or wire brush. Frequently scrub growth for 7 - 10 days until eradicated. Use "weekly maintenance" dosage after the cleanup period. Broadcasting granular chlorine over affected area can further help penetrate and kill the growth.
  6. Increase pump circulation time during cleanup period.
Pool Size in GallonsInitial DosageWeekly Dosage
CleanVisible Algae
10,000 gallons8 - 16 ounces24 - 32 ounces4 - 8 ounces
20,000 gallons16 - 32 ounces48 - 64 ounces8 - 16 ounces
25,000 gallons24 - 40 ounces60 - 80 ounces12 - 24 ounces
Summer Treatment


Winter Maintenance:

  1. Pool water must be clean and free from visible algae growths. Pools with visible algae MUST follow summer cleanup instructions before closing the pool.
  2. Adjust pool water pH to between 7.2-7.8. Adjust pool alkalinity to proper levels.
  3. Close pool with normal chlorine residuals, Shocking pool water may be helpful or necessary.
  4. Add the correct PoolTec® initial dosage under "Clean" or "Visible Algae" for your pool size.
  5. Cover pool if desired or follow uncovered pool instructions.

Covered Pools: Add "initial dosage" for your pool size.

Mesh Pools: Double the "initial dosage" for your pool size.

Uncovered Pools: Add "initial dosage" for your pool size. Thereafter, "maintenance dosage" every 60 days until spring.

Pool Size in GallonsInitial DosageMaintenance Dosage Every 60 Days
CleanVisible Algae
10,000 gallons24 ounces40 ounces24 ounces
20,000 gallons48 ounces80 ounces32 ounces
Winter Treatment
ApplicationFor swimming pool water treatment
Boiling Point>210 deg F
ContainerSize64 oz
FlashPoint>210 deg F
ItemEasy Care™ PoolTec® Summer
Package Quantity8/Case
pH Rating6 - 7
Product TypeAlgaecides
SolubilitySoluble in Water
Specific Gravity1.03

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