SeaKlear Self-Floccing Defoamer - 1 Qt - 90410SKR

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SeaKlear® Defoamer with Clarifier for Spas has a verified formula that removes foam from the source formation materials in commonly used oils and lotions. Using a combined formula with Chitosan Clarifier to maximize its performance, the clarifier infused Defoamer leaves the water looking polished.

  • Remove foam in hot tubs and spas quickly
  • Enhances filtration and clarifies the water
  • Combined formula with Chitosan Clarifier
  • Works with all spa and hot tub chemical programs

  • Quickly eliminates foam in spas and hot tubs
  • Compatible with all sanitizers

Shake well before use. When foam appears in a spa or hot tub water, pour or squirt in the suggested dose of 2 oz for every 500 gallons of the Defoamer.

To Control Foam

  • Use SeaKlear Chitosan Clarifier for Spas weekly.
  • Rinse thoroughly in the shower before entering the water.
  • Avoid using lotions and body oils before entering the water
  • Use only "oil-free" fragrances in the spa.
  • Shock the spa every other week or after heavy bather loads.
  • Drain the spa or hot tub in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
Boiling Point212 deg F
Container Size1 qt
Container TypeBottle
ItemSelf-Floccing Defoamer
SolubilityFully Miscible
Vapor Pressure17 mm Hg at 68 deg F

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